For request an invitation letter

The event invitation letter to request the American Visa would be available in the system, once you have bought the competitor pass. Click on the bottom DOWNLOAD INVITATION LETTER. The letter will be downloaded automatically in PDF with the information of the participant that is in the system.
The competent authority can verify the authenticity of the given letter entering with the number of the applicant Passport in the system.

If the Visa is declined, the event organizers will give the pass money back to the bank account that is registered in the system, between the 15th and the 30th of January 2019. To request the money return, please follow the steps:

Record a video with the Smartphone where you show the result entering the following website, to confirm that the video is recording in that day.

Please, keep recording the video showing every page of the passport, starting with the front page until the last page.

Send the video to [email protected]. The organization will be back to you once they verify the video content and the payments. The organization will send an email with the link of the returns form to collect the respective data.

Fill out the returns form to be registered on the respective system.