Ultimate championship

Ultimatum Championship will be selected among the winners of the following categories:

  • Salsa Cabaret Team Pro
  • Salsa On1 Team Pro
  • Salsa Cabaret Pro Couple
  • Salsa On1 Pro Couple
  • Salsa On2 Couple Pro
  • Bachata Cabaret Couple Pro
  • Bachata No Cabaret Couple Pro
  • Chachacha Couple Pro
  • Salsa Soloist Lady Pro & Salsa Soloist Man Pro
  • Couple selected by the public in social networks

General rules:

  • All the winners of the previous categories will compete with each other for the title of Ultimatum Championship.
  • The winner of each group will be select from the pair of his group, a couple that will represent them for the Ultimatum Championship prize.
  • The winners of Salsa Soloist Lady Pro and Salsa Soloist Man Pro will compete together to selecting a soloist, who will compete for the Ultimatum Championship prize.
  • The public will select a couple by social networks.
  • The winner of the Ultimatum Championship will be chosen from among the above mentioned divisions, which will win an international tour for several countries, also receive a contract with air tickets, hotel and fees.