Absolute Champion

Absolute Champion will be selected among the winners of the following categories:

Salsa Cabaret Team Pro | Salsa On1 Team Pro | Salsa Cabaret Pro Couple | Salsa On1 Pro Couple | Salsa On2 Couple Pro | Bachata Cabaret Couple Pro | Bachata No Cabaret Couple Pro | Chachacha Couple Pro | Salsa Soloist Lady Pro & Salsa Soloist Man Pro | Couple selected by the public in social networks

​​​​​​Almendra Navarrete ​(Chile) – ​​Richie Torres ​(Argentina)


Professional dancer. World Latin Dance Champion 2017 in the divisions of Lady’s Solo and Salsa ON2 with her partner Richie Torres. Since 2014, Almendra has been on the WLDC podium of Lady’s Solo category.

Richie Torres (Argentina)
Professional dancer. World Latin Dance Sub-champion 2016 in the Salsa On2 division. Together, they are the winner couple of the Ultimate Championship WLDC 2017.

Nowadays, they are remarkable dancers and teachers of Mambo and Salsa On2, performing on world stage

General rules

All the winners of the previous categories will compete with each other for the title of Ultimatum Championship.

The winner of each group will be select from the pair of his group, a couple that will represent them for the Ultimatum Championship prize.

The winners of Salsa Soloist Lady Pro and Salsa Soloist Man Pro will compete together to selecting a soloist, who will compete for the Ultimatum Championship prize.

The public will select a couple by social networks.

The winner of the Ultimatum Championship will be chosen from among the above mentioned divisions, which will win an international tour for several countries, also receive a contract with air tickets, hotel and fees.