NOTE ABOUT THE MUSIC: Make sure you are uploading the final music because the system only allows upload the music one time. You can check the music in the event’s backstage, and there you can change music for an extra payment of 15USD

2. Click JOIN NOW

3. Enter the info which you will be registered on the system: Email and password.

To finish click on CREATE MY ACCOUNT

4. Check the registered email, you will receive a message from WLDC, open it and click on the link to confirm the email.

5. Return to the registration page. Enter the registered email and password, and click on log in.

6. A pop-up window will appear, click on GO TO PROFILE

7. Click on EDIT PROFILE, in order to fill in your personal info: Identification number, first and last names, phone, cell phone, etc. To finish click on UPDATE PROFILE

8. Click on COMPETITION, on the left side of the page

9. Click on BUY COMPETITOR PASS. In order to register on the specific category, you must first register as a competitor.

​*Remember the code of your category, it will be the way to identify it during the event.

10. Click on the PAY U icon, and select the payment method of your choice.

11. Click on BUY CATEGORY. Now, you must register and pay for the specific category in which you are going to participate.

12. All ready! You will receive an email with a confirmation of your registration to our 9th WLDC.