Born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey, John Jay has always had an innate love of music. At age 11, he was influenced by a childhood friend to participate in a school music program. It was then that he began to play the trombone. His older brother, Alex—a Fania All-Stars enthusiast, took note of this and encouraged John Jay to listen to Salsa music.

John Jay’s growing passion for Salsa music transitioned him into the world of dance when he was prompted to learn some Salsa steps as a background singer. In 1998, it was at the Copacabana in NYC where John Jay was immediately impressed by a particular dancer named Ismael Otero. It would not be until a year later that John Jay would encounter this amazing dancer again; first as his student, then assistant, and later as a fellow dance member of the Caribbean Soul Dance Company. Thanks to Ismael, his membership with the group has allowed him the opportunity to travel nationally, as well as internationally, with performances in Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and Canada to name a few.

While traveling and performing, John Jay has also been blessed to share the MC stage with countless Promoters and Salesros, such as Albert Torres, Ruby Rivera, Edwin Rivera and David Melendez. These relationships cultivated into supportive friendships over the years.

In 2014, he was asked by the world’s best known, most requested, busiest and 1st US Salsa Congress Promoter, Albert Torres, to assist him with being the MC for the afternoon showcases in the LA Salsa Fest. John Jay was again honored to be asked and could not refuse. Later that same year, Albert Torres asked him to again assist him at the World Latin Cup Championships in Miami, Florida.

Today, John Jay continues to MC and entertains with his spontaneous humor, musical influence and dancer appreciation, participating in various Salsa events and clubs in places such as Spain, Israel, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and California.


Dancer & Business Development Manager at BNF event management & entertainment since 2014.
About BNF: bnf First-class ensemble of artists participates, judges in different Premium Dance Festivals around more than 25 countries per year, gaining countless awards and credentials.


Super DJ Robby

Robert Rodriguez, “Super DJ Robby”, was born in Havana, Cuba. He came to the United States in 1982 at age 13 with his parents and his sister. Robby’s musical interests began as a child. At age 16, a family friend presented him with an amplifier, turntable and 2 home speakers. This, together with his first purchase of 3 records by his favorite artists, (El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico, Oscar D’Leon as well as the late, great Celia Cruz) enabled him to begin sharing his music with the world.

Super DJ Robby’s first performance was in 1990 at the Hola Barcelona Night club, where he continued to perform for the following 7 years. Soon thereafter followed additional performances at the Fifth Avenue Night club (where he met Albert Torres), Rudolpho’s Night Club, The Mayan, The Grand Avenue Night Club, The Boat House in Santa Monica and also Sagebrush in Culver City. His career rapidly expanded to include performances with Oscar D’Leon, Los Van Van, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Marc Anthony, Tito Nieves, local L.A. artist Johnny Polanco as well as the late greats Celia Cruz and Tito Puente.

Super DJ Robby has received recognition from the Los Angeles City Council and was named Best Salsa DJ of Los Angeles in 2001 and 2002 by Sabor Magazine. His most recent engagements comprise performances at various Salsa Congresses and Festivals worldwide including Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Zurich, Switzerland; United Kingdom; Saskatoo,Vancouver, Canada; Tokyo, Japan; Hong Kong; Miami, Florida; and yearly performances at The West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles, California and WLDC. When asked how he has managed to develop such an illustrious career, he replied: “I am very grateful to Albert Torres for the opportunities he has given me and for the ability to share the joy of what I do best with the world. ¡Que viva la salsa!”

DJ Mambo

Dj Mambo is one of the pioneers of Salsa & Bachata in San Diego with over 18 years experience in dancing, teaching, performing and DJing.

Dj Mambo has been DJing all over the United States for the past 13 years.

Mambo is a veteran Dancer/Instructor of Salsa, Cha Cha Cha and Bachata who also owns his team Son Y Pasos.