Divisions 2018

December 10th-16th

Our Ninth Anniversary brings new divisions into urban latin dances.
Check out all the divisions organized in 5 blocks: Groups / Couples / Soloists / Family / Limitless
Inside of each group, check out divisions and rhythms for Professional / Amateur / Pro Am / Junior / Children

Follow the next steps to check the divisions and the rules of the WLDC:
1. Read the general rules that apply for all the competitors on the next chart text.
2. Before general rules, you will find a chart to check the specific rules for each division: Tricks | Lifts| Acrobatics | Age | Total duration choreography | Mandatory Activities | Qualification Items. To see the complete chart, please scroll the sides bars
* Remember the code of the divisions located in the first column of the chart because will be the code to identify each division during the event.